Thursday, 14 April 2011

Luck - hmm, skill or chance?

Hi ho chums!

Along the path of enlightenment we shall continue to travel!!!  Well the cranial junctions of my brain anyway but hey who's counting?

Today I am thinking about Luck - does it exist, is it chance or actually a skill?  So I was sitting down today and contemplating my current position of loved up-ness, and it hit me - there is one life sustaining planet that I know of, Earth.  Its the only one I am going to inhabit so we shall just count that one for now - ok - its not really that remarkable a fact but its a fact nonetheless.  So for the sake of arguements, one Earth.  On that one Earth that is not so remarkable, there are 7 seas - undisputable, there are Oceans but I'm only counting Seas - it makes it more dramatic that way - Oceans are too large and it takes longer to type Ocean than it does Sea, so we'll stick with Sea for now.  Then, depending upon how you classify them, there are roughly 195 Countries and 180,000 Islands - the figures are not exact, this is not a precise science and I'm not stating this as a matter of fact - I am merely trying to get a point across so forgive the data issues.  So a lot of land masses anyway or varying categorisations and the number changes daily in cases of new land masses as volcanoes are erupting and creating new islands, the glaciers are moving and breaking off so we shall say a rough figure of 180,000 - some inhabited and some not, it doesn't really matter that much.  On the one Earth and the approximate 195 Countries and 180,000 islands, there are distributed approixmately 6,884,909,953 people - now what are the chances that one person - me, will meet one person that I tuly love and want to spend all my time with - I would say pretty small.  When you look at the semantics attached to this - its pretty extraordinary!  And what are the chances that the feelings are reciprocated, I would say even smaller - there can't be any skill to it - its got to be pure chance!!!  Its when you look at the details that you seem to see how tiny a being you are and how much life is just a game of pure chance, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  I feel like I have been given the winnig hand at the moment though and life is good, long may it continue!

:)  going to check the denim is still in the wardrobe now - not loving the shoulder pads!! LOL :p

Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Saga continues.....

Hello travelling chums,

As promised on an earlier blog, the 'Princess and the Pea' - if you haven't read it yet, why not?  it is a work of literary masterpiece, the saga or story now continues......

We left the Princess sleeping on a pea.  Not very comfortable and probably not the best idea that any Princess has ever had, but it seemed good at the time - anyway, she still saw herself as a lowly servant girl and sleeping on peas appeared to be the 'in thing' for servant girls at the time.  Anyway, I digress, so she was sleeping on the metaphorical pea which basically was a ball of all her issues and as we discussed earlier, it kept her grounded. 

One day, the Princess was surfing the internet, it's something that she could do relatively hassle free whilst confined in her half height tower.  So she is surfing on the electronic waves when she comes across a Knight that she used to know when she was working amongst some of the supposed Knights who turned out to be the wolves in sheeps clothing.  A conversation was struck up and the Princess was chatting to the Knight about what he was doing and he asked her if she wanted to ride with him on his horse one day and travel into the enchanted forest.  The Princess thought long and hard, she had been let down before by the Knights but she remembered this one to be kind and genuine so she decided that one ride into the forest would be fine, she was not going to travel too far into the forest, just in case she was wrong although she hoped with all her heart that she was not. 

The days and nights came and went, it was suddenly the day of the ride and the Knight contacted her again to check that she was still going to ride with him and that the pre-arranged time was suitable - what a gentleman he was!  She was scared and nervous but the Princess decided that a short ride would be nice and she wanted to see the Knight again - she had always liked him but never had the courage to speak to him, just watch from a distance, hoping that one day he would notice her, but that day never appeared to arrive so she moved on along her path.  However, now the Knight had noticed her and she wanted to be courageous and travel with him for a while.  She told the Knight that she would go travelling with him at the pre-arranged time and mounted her horse to go and meet the Knight.  She travelled to an inn which was within the enchanted forest and stood outside looking within.  The windows were small and dusty and the view was obscured.  She could not tell if the Knight was within the inn, whether it was a cruel joke and he was not there at all and she stood contemplating whether to be brave and enter the inn or to ride back to the half tower and hide away again.  The Princess decided that she needed to be brave and that if it was a cruel joke then she would hold her head up high and laugh along as well.  She reached out shaking and turned the handle of the inn door and entered.  To her surprise, the Knight sat and when she entered he smiled and said hello.  Her heart started beating again - it had stopped briefly along with her lungs when she was going into the inn - these places are not really suitable for lonely Princesses or even servant girls.  She sat next to the Knight and they talked and laughed and joked into the evening and gradually the light faded and the innkeeper came to lock the doors. 

Being a modern day Princess, and happy that the Knight appeared to have well and truly now noticed her existence, the Princess decided to be courageous again and decided that it was a suitable idea to ride with the Knight back to his knigdom, which was not too far from her own.  He was surprised at this idea but agreed and they rode next to each other, still laughing and joking as they went.  They arrived at his kingdom and the Knight was again a true gentleman and the Princess was very happy.  She decided that it was safe for the Knight to be given her mobile phone number but in her happy state, she mixed the numbers.  She left his kingdom and travelled quickly back to her half tower and then realised what she had done.  Mortified, she tried to contact the Knight via the internet to let him know that she was not trying to play a cruel trick on him but had genuinely mixed up the numbers - she was too dark to be a blonde but she felt so silly all the same and hoped that the Knight would understand.  Time ticked by and she heard nothing, then the next morning the Knight contacted her and let her know that he had been concerned as he had the number wrong.  They decided that they wanted to meet each other again as they had had a lovely evening together and the Princess was happy as she really liked the Knight.  As time went on, the Princess and the Knight saw more and more of each other and one day when the Princess had left his kingdom, the Knight sent her a text saying that he thought he ..... ..., the Princess read this and was puzzled but then looked at the spacing and realised what he had said, without actually saying it.  Her heart melted as she looked within herself and realised that even though they had only seen each other for a short time, that she felt the same and she ..... ... too.  He was the most generous, kind, caring person that she had ever met and he wanted to look after her and she thought back over all the conversations that they had had and she knew that she wanted to look after him too.  She listened to his stories that he told and how each of the Princess's that he had known before hand had turned out to be anything but and had tried to change him from the Knight that he was.  She told the Knight that she wanted to be with him for the Knight that he was and that there was nothing that he needed to change as in her eyes, he was perfect and he was grateful for this.  Each day, the Knight makes the Princess smile and she now believes that part of her may be a Princess and that she is worthy of being loved and it feels nice.  They now travel together through the enchanted forest and have promised each other that they will look after each other and fight any monsters or foes that they meet together and they are both now living happily ever be continued, thanks for stopping by with your denim - thankfully no shoulder pads! x