Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Apologies for lack of service - normal schedule will resume shortly - maybe!!

Hello Chumlies,

Apologies for the absence, I have been slightly busy of late with life, work and well life again! :)
Is it correct to add smilies to a blog - who cares, I've done it now so there :p have another one for good measure!

So I have had a blogging break and am starting again as I am off sick from work with a bug and there is not much else to do other than load all my CDs onto iTunes (other mp3 formats are available - ok, maybe thery aren't but who cares?!) and watch films all day.  As I am loading my whole CD collection onto iTunes currently, I may as well blog inbetween inserting CDs into the drive!

What has happened recently of note - hmm, well - all change at the station!  I have bought a new laptop as the Netbook screen was a tad too small to do much with and I needed more memory so that the CD collection could be transferred, also started going out with a lovely chap called Mike, was gonna say a new man but I have kind of known him for some time, going back to my Special days and when I worked at the Police Station so pretty much 5 years-ish.  Very strange how life appears to go full circle, but I am very happy at the mo, we get on really well and did I mention that I've moved in with him?  No, must have slipped my mind but I've dropped it into the conversation now - keep doing that and it's amazing the looks you get when you do that - tee hee!! 

That is pretty much all that 's gone on - not a lot really - LOL!!  The cool thing is that we get on really well and its like we have known each other for years and years, ok I said we have known each other for about 5 years which is a long old time but we never really spoke for one reason or another, making up for that now, along with other things - but that's not for here!  Anyhow, gotta get on and change some more discs, will travel again soon along the mindful path, until then - long live denim! 

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