Saturday, 13 November 2010

Single = Freedom

Hey ho travelling chums!!!

Reality hit home today - Single = Freedom.  A strange concept to get used to after 13 years being in one relationship or another!  Since becoming a batchelorette - that is my new title, I have found that I sleep less, through choice mainly although insomnia still knocks on my bedroom door on the odd occasion and stays for a week long holiday!  I have been blessing the wisdom I showed when I stood up to the lady in the Vodafone shop (other moblie phone providers are available) and stated that I wanted an i-Phone and that the contract that I wanted with 3000 texts included per month was the right package for me, she moaned and argued as my previous usage showed that even the basic package of 10 free texts per year would not have been suitable (ok, I'm embellishing that one slightly, I used to send 15 texts per year, mainly to say that I was stuck in traffic or whatever if I knew dinner was ready !)  But no, I stood my ground, mainly because I wanted the phone and was too tight to pay for the blasted thing so the only way I could get it free was if I paid more each month and got a stupid amount of calls and texts included.  Now Vodafone (remember other providers are available) have this great technology so that they can look at what you actually use from the last time you re-newed the contract so they were pretty much gonna give me a Nokia from the 1990s as my phone was not used that much.  I however stood my ground, I am the customer - I am RIGHT!  I will use the excessive amount of texts each month you stupid woman, you obviously don't know me that well and I don't care what your computer tells you- the reason I didn't text much over the last year was due to me seeing my friends face to face (blah blah blah, pinocchio had nothing on me that day, I lied for England just to get that blasted phone!)  So to cut this extremely long story short, I got the contract!  2 months later I become single and my phone catches fire - not literally but it remains at a high temperature due to the usage.  I have not been so popular - I nearly use my allocated texts each month and am never bored.  My social life has exploded and I am having to cancel people for fear of double booking!  I go out more, I do fun things and I have PLANS - many plans and you know what, its tiring but its fun.  Its Freedom.  The freedom to do what I want, when I want and not have to worry about pleasing somebody else or worrying that if I talk to this person it might upset somebody else.  Yeah, its strange not having somebody there to give you a hug when you need one, thats probably what I miss the most, but the benefits are such that I never really thought of.  I don't have to do stuff that I don't want to and if I want to act all crazy then I can. I like having friends to hang out with and although they were there befre, its different when you don't have a significant other.  You get invites and calls and texts that you wouldn't have got before - I really can't explain it!
I also get to act really crazy and can say things that I wouldn't before but not really worry about the consequences.  Life is easier - perhaps because I have grown as a person and learnt to stop punishing myself things that bound me in my former 'coupled' life.  Now, I live for me and me alone and I have to tkae control of my life as much as I can.  No regrets, no what ifs, no I should have done that but didn't because... now I start living.  I live for me and I live my life as I want to, I may make some mistakes but they are mine to make.  Bit like the shoulder pads, glad I kept the denim :o)

Come wander by soon - if you get bored, why not send a text? x

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