Thursday, 14 April 2011

Luck - hmm, skill or chance?

Hi ho chums!

Along the path of enlightenment we shall continue to travel!!!  Well the cranial junctions of my brain anyway but hey who's counting?

Today I am thinking about Luck - does it exist, is it chance or actually a skill?  So I was sitting down today and contemplating my current position of loved up-ness, and it hit me - there is one life sustaining planet that I know of, Earth.  Its the only one I am going to inhabit so we shall just count that one for now - ok - its not really that remarkable a fact but its a fact nonetheless.  So for the sake of arguements, one Earth.  On that one Earth that is not so remarkable, there are 7 seas - undisputable, there are Oceans but I'm only counting Seas - it makes it more dramatic that way - Oceans are too large and it takes longer to type Ocean than it does Sea, so we'll stick with Sea for now.  Then, depending upon how you classify them, there are roughly 195 Countries and 180,000 Islands - the figures are not exact, this is not a precise science and I'm not stating this as a matter of fact - I am merely trying to get a point across so forgive the data issues.  So a lot of land masses anyway or varying categorisations and the number changes daily in cases of new land masses as volcanoes are erupting and creating new islands, the glaciers are moving and breaking off so we shall say a rough figure of 180,000 - some inhabited and some not, it doesn't really matter that much.  On the one Earth and the approximate 195 Countries and 180,000 islands, there are distributed approixmately 6,884,909,953 people - now what are the chances that one person - me, will meet one person that I tuly love and want to spend all my time with - I would say pretty small.  When you look at the semantics attached to this - its pretty extraordinary!  And what are the chances that the feelings are reciprocated, I would say even smaller - there can't be any skill to it - its got to be pure chance!!!  Its when you look at the details that you seem to see how tiny a being you are and how much life is just a game of pure chance, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  I feel like I have been given the winnig hand at the moment though and life is good, long may it continue!

:)  going to check the denim is still in the wardrobe now - not loving the shoulder pads!! LOL :p

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