Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Mental Health Issues - I don't have any, honest, it's everybody else!

Hello my cranial wanderers, nice to see you again and glad that some (my chumly Mika) have decided to dabble their tootsies in the Blogging pool!!

Now then, down to business.  Mental Health Issues - yeah I know I have the box of tablets but really, I think I am the only sane person in the world!  It's really not me, it is everybody else.  I just have a sense of humour :)

I laughed at work the other day and those of you that know what I do, will know that sometimes laughter is really not appropriate - especially when dealing with people who are, lets say, in a wheelchair.  I just sit there imagining Oompa Loompas and tiny legs kicking backwards and forwards under the desk - what really got me is when she leant on her hands and rested her head, without bending!! I cracked up!  And then, I know its not PC and I know I am going to hell - hey, at least it's gonna be warm, I've booked my room already! then, I start thinking over Little Britain's Lou and Andy and I just want to scream out loud - I WANT THAT ONE!  I DON'T LIKE IT!! :)
Does anybody else get those inappropriate flashes - and the more you try not to laugh, the more you have to and then your voice gets higher and higher in pitch and then you feel like you are going to pop if you dont just laugh.  Happens quite a lot to me and I am my own worst enemy becasue my brain works so fast that small things seem really funny and they seem to balloon in my head.  They turn into the old 'should have been there' scenarios.

Now reading back over my blog I don't think I sound that sane - funny that, that when I started typing I was and now when I nearly end I'm not - very peculiar, what does that mean?
Anyway - off to **WIBBLE** now, wander by soon - did I mention I love your jeans? Not too keen on the shoulder pads though x

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