Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Technology on the move!!!!

Hello my chumly warners!

Sorry for the lack of travelling for a while - life appeared to catch up with me and suddenly evrything is up in the air, but now we have resumed a partial service - the engineers are looking at a fix in the future but it may take a while, anyway, I digress! 

Technology, isn't it great?!  It can be cheap and small and portable - I have a Netbook, Ok, there is no disk drive.....BUT.....I have apotable one which disconnects when I don't need it and so I can now blog on the move, when it takes my fancy and when I think of something important to say....well maybe not important bit I can say it when and where I want!

Also, not only do I have asmall Netbook which keeps me up to date with the great wide worls but I also have a small MiFi - a portable device, ok not so small but it does fit in a pocket, which enables me to have a WiFi connection in 98% of the country and it also works with my iPhone-I can now keep in touch with the whole wide world, check the news, watch BBC iPlayer (other internet programme catch up services are available) and do my shopping all while I'm on the bus or at myy desk at work - ok maybe only on lunchtime but its still there :)  I am at last whole again :)

Whilst on the subject of technology, I would like to congratulate my number one chumly warner of warnerville for latching onto the Twitter train - what a trooper, he took one for the team!!

I hope we travel along the path less travelled soon, love the denim - not so fussed with the shoulder pads :)

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  1. @mnwjm1981 ... come join me on the Twitter train. It's strangely addictive, although you do develop of muttering strange things to yourself, such as, "Now, how does this integrate with Facebook? My friend's done it, so I know it can be done."

    Welcome back to the Land of Blogging :-)