Monday, 30 August 2010

Life - and when should it end?!

Bonjour mon petit pois!!! Ca va?  It's good to be back on the planet of Thanet when its sunny - bit windy but at least the sun is shining :)
Today's walk on the wild side of my cranium is to discuss the subject that everybody should have an interest in - LIFE!  Why? I hear you scream at the monitors across the globe - that's right, I have a following of only three but they span the globe - USA, Doha and Thanet!!  Greetings one and all!  However, there are a sum of readers who decide not to follow - I was saying to Ollie earlier, I am a natural born leader, I just misplaced my flock, anyway, I digress.

Today's lesson is LIFE and when should it end?!  A contentious issue I know and I am not saying my view is right, but bear with me long enough to reach the end and I guarantee that you will see where I am coming from!  Euthanasia.  A tool that helps assist those that are suffering to chose when to go.  Now, what if the choice was already made?  In my world, the one where I am the ruler of all things (long live denim, not so keen on shoulder pads) the date would be set for EVERYONE.  Let it not be said that my world is not fair.  Euthanasia would be set at the ripe age of 65 - that's the age I have plumped for as it is old enough for you to do everything you want to but also gets you just before true health problems set in.  Please continue to read - think it through, why is there a lot of debt in this country, apart from the banks being unscrupulous with their lending habits?  There is a drain on the NHS due to old people - dentists, dentures, hip replacement clinics, Nursing Homes etc - the list goes on and on.  There is also a pension crisis as people are living longer - what if we could change all that?!  I'm not saying this because I dislike old people (ok, maybe a little but - seriously if they have no money to pay their heating bills, why oh why do they insist on shopping at Marks and Spencer(other food retailers are available although try to avoid the people where 'Very Little Help') and buying new cars which they use once a week to get to the end of their drives so they can put the rubbish in the bin?)  I mean, I know that I would love to know when my time was coming to an end.  Think of all the things you put off today because you can't be bothered or will do another time.  Does that time ever really come or do you sit there now, thinking I wish I had gone to that rave when I was 18 or I wish I had done a bungee jump but I'm too old now.  The excuses would dry up, because you know that the day before your 65th birthday is the deadline - on your 65th, you get a slap up breakfast and away you go to the great big Cruise Line in the sky.  Would you not appreciate everything all the more if you knew you only had 65 years to enjoy it?  At the moment, too many people think I'm going to live forever, that's not going to happen and we should wake up and smell the coffee beans!!  Life is not infinite - live it while you can.  So anyway, if any politicians read this, remember I said it first!! :)

Journey again soon if we are all spared and none of you are nearing your 65th :) x 

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