Sunday, 29 August 2010

Very Little Help

Hello my companions! How are we all today?  Well I am disgruntled in a VERY big way...thanks to the Supermarket which likes to boast that 'Every Little Helps'....yeah, right!!  Everything apart from your staff that is!  And relax!

Today, for a treat (well it was supposed to be anyway!) Ollietook me out for breakast, I was not having a happy day and this was to cheer me up.  Anyway, we trundle to Sainsburys and there were no staff to serve so we decide to pop over to Tesco to get some grub, the breakfasts are normally ok so thought nothing of it.  We get to the canteen - I am calling it a canteen as restaurant really doesn't stand up to any scrutiny - its barely a canteen really.  So we queue in time honoured Brit fashion and peruse the menu....8 items for £4 but you get a free bottle of Tropicana Orange Juice (other varieties are available) so we plump for that - a dirty huge fried brekkie but at least I get 2 of my 5 a day (one in the OJ and one in the mushrooms, possibly 3 if you count the beans but I'm not sure if they are acceptable in the 5 a day scheme, anyway I digress) So we decide that this is the option of choice and then we wait, they have run out of Hash Browns.  Now, I'm sorry, but for a fried brekkie, there are normally 3 things that are popular - especially if you are not the one cooking it!  Eggs, Bacon and Hash Browns.  I'm not sure if this only happens because the staff are getting paid minimum wage or whether its because the scramble egg has more common sense than the server, but they always wait until there is one Hash Brown, Egg or piece of Bacon is left until they decide to tell the Chef(?!) to cook some more.  And then the queue gets longer because, guess what?  Everybody wants the item thats run out!  Twice I have eaten at Tesco and twice, this has occurred - its not quantum mechanics really is it, as soon as you have half left, get them to cook more!  Anyway, so we wait.  This time though, they had bread for toast.  The first time, the bread had run out.  Again not meaning to be pedantic, but isn't Tesco one of the biggest Supermarket chains in th UK?  I have never seen Tesco run out of bread.  Could staff member have run to the shelf to pluck one or maybe even two loaves off to make a slice of toast or two for the paying customers.....fat chance, there's more likelyhood that I'll have a Christmas number one!  At least there was toast today, however there was no OJ as advertised, Ollie says to staff member 'Can I have the orange juice with the breakfast?'  Staff says 'Its in the fridge isn't it?'  Well bugger me, I didn't think of looking there, I only checked the hot plate - seriously, where else would you keep orange juice?  So we explain there is none there, can he go and get some?  Huff and Puff and Tesco falls down - if looks could kill?!  He trudges off and returns with 2 bottles of OJ and hands them over.  That's right, common sense died last night!  I would have thought, had I been paid peanuts to work behind the counter, that if there was none left on display and we were advertising it with the 8 item breakfast that everybody is buying that maybe 2 bottles may not have been enough.  Again - its not higher maths!  We leave it at that, we are ok, pull the ladder up - he will learn in time after the 50th trip to get OJ!  So we pay and walk over to the cutlery container.  It wasn't really that busy but they must have had a rush earlier because there was one fork left - Ollie and I were about to battle over it but I decided that maybe I should ask another member of staff for assistance, after all she was getting paid 2 bags of 'dry roasted' to serve the public.  If looks could mame, I would have a screwdriver (no forks were available at the time) sticking out of my temple!  She then trudged off and guess what, thats right, came back with 5 forks.  I looked at the queue after taking my weapon of choice and I could see 6 people alone in the queue let alone the other 7 who had just walked in - hmm, I know I only got a B at GCSE maths but even I could tell that 13 into 3 (I took 2 forks when she brought them out, they looked freshly washed or licked!) was not going to go.  After all this, the brekkie was luke warm and really not that great.  I have therefore decided to change the Supermarket slogan of 'Every Little Helps' to 'Very Little Help' - do you think its a selling point?  I may have to copyright it before they find out.

See you for a trundle soon x

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