Friday, 13 August 2010

Stupidity - is it real or made up by a clever 'stupid' person?

Oh God, this is addictive!

Not content to leave my readership of one to ponder on the 'dead bird in flight' question, here is another to think through - Stupidity, does it really exist?  Of course, you shout at the screen saying it does, I however am not so sure.

Example number one, a 50 year old, yes, you read that correct, 50 years old, that's 5 decades of life - 5 long decades where much has happened, clothes have changed, I think for the better (long live denim,not so keen on shoulder pads) currency in the UK has changed, inflation has gone up and up, and very rarely down, we have joined the EU, in spirit if not yet fully in body.  Anyway, I digress to other blogs - my apologies! Anyhow, back to the 50 year old in question.  After the many years of living, breathing and belching, comes up with this little golden nugget that makes me chuckle.  What are Zebra crossings supposed to do?  My answer was, to enable Zebra's to cross the road safely, after all, coming from Africa  where there are not many roads, this can be a treacherous business.  I have seen many a flat Zebra in Thanet because of the danger posed of them not having a working understanding of the Highway Code.  Obviously, they can't walk into Smiths (other book retailers are available) and ask for a copy of the Highway Code in extra large bold print with pages thick enough to be turned by hoof.  I get a blank look - sarcasm is obviously not the way ahead in this situation, I try a different tact - the truth.  'They are there to help stupid people cross the road safely' I say,  'Oh, ok, but you just stopped when you got to the line and they crossed, why did they do that?' a puzzled look,  I answer 'Because cars are supposed to stop so the stupid people can cross over and once safely on the other side, the cars can then move on.'  Silence.  I look across to the passenger seat and the 50 year old is sitting looking embarrased.  'Why do you ask?' I say, trying to be non judgemental.  'Well, I always thought that you had to wait for the cars to go past and just stand there on the pavement until the road is clear, sometimes it can take a very long time for all the cars to go past, that's why I don't go to Tescos cos there are always cars - they often get annoyed with me standing there so I walk the long way round to the store'  I just stare ahead in dumbfounded silence - surely nobody is that stupid?  I mean, how can you survive for 50 years and not be able to cross the road properly?  and it calls into question a wide variety of things that the average person takes to be normal everyday things that then become 'dangerous'?  Take for example bleach, sharp knives and breathing, I mean what happens if a stupid person forgets to breath - do they have to think about breathing all the time just to stay alive, and then you factor in blinking and swallowing to name a few basic natural functions and you are heading for trouble!  I am seriously thinking that 'stupid' people put it on for entertainment purposes, I have however found them out :)

Join me for another journey soon x

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