Thursday, 19 August 2010

Man(fa) Flu

Here we are again, thanks for stopping by!  I have cold feet, not because I am supposed to be doing something, its just that I still haven't found the 'other' sock - see last blog!  Sitting here bare footed and its a bit nippy on the old pinkies!

As you can tell from the title - I have Man(fa) Flu.  Its the next strain up from the deadly virus that is Man Flu, its only contracted by Manfa's so you should be safe - for now at least!  I am in the process of writing an article for The Lancet about it.  At the moment, its manifesting itself in the form of a deadly sore throat in the mornings and evenings, sniffles throughout the day, the occasional sneeze - I do so love sneezing, really clears the passageways! and constant yawning.  It just drains you, I was struggling to do the ironing earlier so I have left it for now - that's a good excuse for the future. 

The article I am writing for The Lancet is going slowly, you may have heard of The Lancet - a leading medical journal, they wanted my views on Man(fa) Flu as it is so rare - did I mention only Manfa's can contract it?  You should be safe!  Mind you, they said we would all be safe with the fashions in the 80s and look what happened - all denim (long live denim) and shoulder pads!  The world was taken over so perhaps the same will happen with Man(fa) Flu.    Anyway, its only a short journey today, I'm far too tired to type anymore and need to wallow in self pity - I wonder if anyone wants to pick up my medication, a Boost and a cheap trashy magazine.  Anything to make me feel better!  I'm still at work though - what a trooper!

I will walk with you on a journey soon, if I am spared! x

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