Friday, 13 August 2010

In the beginnig...

Well, this is new and exciting!

I am creating a blog after a good friend created one, I thought - Wow, that looks good, I want one....and here we are!!

So, in the tradition of all good books....In the beginning, there was me and a computer and my thoughts.  Not a lot to go on but a lot can happen in the mind, especially if the person in charge of said mind is me!  The aim of my blog is not to be educational, humourous or a motto to live your life by...its my journey in words through the labryinth of my mind, and like the Twilight Zone, anthing could happen in the next half hour (or 5 seconds) depending on whether I've bored you yet - I do hope not, I would so like you to stay!

So the first topic to be discussed is - what happens if birds die in mid flight?!  Not a cheery subject but one that I was pondering on my way home whilst driving down a very fast road.  There was a poor pigeon who obviously had a meeting with his maker (oh, that's a subject for another day, I look forward to that one) lying in the middle of said fast road in a cloud of feathers.  I don't know how he got there, walking really is not an option - too many fast cars, so the only way possible was vertically down - I'm thinking heart attack or something, poor thing, but then I thought I have never seen a bird die in flight - does it happen? I suppose it must, I mean everyone has to go at some point - you get to know that about me, not one to shy away from talking about taboo subjects, life really is far too short and some hold large sarcastic and comedic value.  So anyway, back to topic, if a bird does die in flight, what happens?  obviously there would be some symptoms that are incompatible with life, hence it dies, but does it plummet straight to the ground or is there some kind of gliding that occurs? Planes don't fall straight down if their engines cut out, so what about birds - really they are just biological planes - interesting question, see?

Anyway, I'll leave that with you for now, ponder on it over a cup of tea and then come back another day for a little more blog, subjects to come are Euthanasia, Common Sense (or lack of it) and general chit chat about nothing in particular.  As a footnote, no offence is meant from any blogging and my therapist did advise it may be good to start one so I can getthings off my chest, a year on I took the advice - and its free!!

I hope you come for a wander into the mind soon x

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  1. Sam you haven't changed much from the days when you wanted to disect a fish eye. You also appear to be turning into a female version of Carl Pilkington - You are just so funny - looking forward to more blogs!