Sunday, 9 January 2011

Insomnesia - the new must have ailment!

Hello chums,

Welcome back to the trekking through the workings of the mind of me!  Today we shall discuss the finer points of the new must have ailment known as Insomnesia, yes that's right, Insomnesia!  Imsomnia with a dash of amnesia for better affect!

I have suffered from mild insomnia for some time now and it usually comes in waves - a period of two weeks of pure unadulterated blissful sleep from the hours of around 10pm to 7am.  No tossing, turning, moving......nothing, just pure rest, then a week of disturbed sleep, gradully building up from waking every couple of hours to by the end of the week waking nearly every 30 mins.  Then 2 weeks of pure hell, nights where there is no sleep at all or a maximum of around 4 hours sleep mixed in between the periods of tossing, turning, fidgeting for fidget sake.  And then after that we then go through the cylce again.  However now I have developed Insomnesia, now there is pretty much no sleep on many nights or a couple of hours of rest followed by the wee small hours in the morning looking up at the dark ceiling or staring at the clock wondering how long it will be until time catches up with itself and  then the dawn will come and I can legitimately get up and walk round in my zombified state :)
Now also add in periods of what can only be classed as amnesia, the times where you wake up from the 15 minute sleep to find that you have magically turned round in the bed so that you are down the foot end or have planted yourself on the settee downstairs but don't remember getting there, ok its basically sleep walking but I like the name Insomnesia better, makes it sound much more dramatic.  At least the days of driving the car have now ended, at least I think they have!  Anyway, yesterday was a sleepless night, sleep came at 5 am and then llike clockwork - wide awake at 7.30 am, no point trying to go back to sleep - its not gonna happen!  So I have a cup of coffee and try to make the best of a bad deal, catch up on a good book, isten to iPod, text everybody in my contact list who I know went out the night before and will be trying desperately to sleep off the affects of the alcohol - what the hell, if I can't sleep - why should they!  LOL :)

Carry on dreaming in denim - lose the shoulder pads though ok! x

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