Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Path - and should I stay on it?

Hello travelling buddies!

Today I look at The Path - the path of life that is and whether I should remain travelling along it at constant pace, whether I should run or dawdle, or be radical and just walk on the grass!!

Here is my philosophy - life is The Path - the road that leads to nowhere - or does it?  will we ever find out,do we ever reach the end or do we get complacent and lay down roots at the crossroads when we feel tired and don't want to walk any further?
I think I will travel along The Path for a little while yet - although I may wander onto the grass, sometimes I will meander into the undergrowth and go along the road less travelled - looking for adventure, for something more exciting and hoping to find a companion along the way. 
I have never been the person to take the easy route, give me a hill to climb, a rock terrain to traverse or a river to wade through and I will.  But I do believe that we all meet people on the journey who are there to assist in the journey for one reason or another, you may not realise it at the time or even acknowledge that the bad times you have with some of these travellers were actually of benefit but eventually - sometimes years down the line, a benefit will come.  Bad times help to highlight the good, they also enable other travellers to see you and assist in the journey.  Some will be with you for a day, maybe a week or two and then they will be gone.  Some stay for years and when you are safely on the road will leave you with directions and others will be there for a lifetime, holding the map (or Sat Nav) and will guide you to safety.  Everyone has a purpose and everyone has a lesson to learn and one to teach.  I am learning my lessons and now have the strength to make parts of the journey on my own, knowing that my true friends will be a couple of steps behind, not too far away to catch me if I fall but far enough that I can stumble and then find my own way back up again.  Sometimes the best travelling companions have always been there - just nestled in the background, out of sight until you really need them and then they appear.  Take my good friend Matthew.  He has appeared in my life without me knowing it on various occassions, just out of my eyeline - the small world syndrome, he worked with an ex-boyfriend and unknowingly was told about me, he then worked at the Police Station on the floor above me but our paths never quite crossed, again he then started working at the Council, I used to see him on various occassions but never to speak to and again he was in the background but just that little bit too far in the distance for me to see clearly.  Then when I needed a good friend, we were thrust on the same path - a course that we were both signed up for and we both had a laugh, me drawing on his newspaper and him doodling on my pad, then my arm and me colouring in his face with a biro - not much but just enough to show him I meant business.  From there we became travelling companions, he listens to me rant and rave, telling him of jokes I have played and messing up his desk - he has mild OCD and I do prey on that fact in a playful way :)  He is a great friend and I hope I offer the same in return!  But then the path runs out and I stumble into the undergrowth and the area of the journey that isn't travelled - the part that I must do alone and see where it takes me, this part of the journey is scary as I make my way through the thorns of life.  The painful parts that nobody else gets to experiance.  This is my journey and mine alone.  No other person travels this way until I clear the way and their experience will not be the same as mine, the thorns will have gone by then and the way will be clear - they will experiance their own areas of undergrowth, I can just tell them what I did and felt and if I failed to move a branch, tell them how I overcame it and they will do the same for me on areas where they have dealt with similar.  Somet imes,mt experience will be the first one and sometimes it won't.  Sometimes I will need to be carried and sometimes I will run as fast as my feet can carry me.  But I will survive the journey and I will take my special travelling companions with me.  So I thank you all - for coming with me, however long or short your travelling time with me is and I thankyou for any help that you give me, be it good or bad as it all assists me on my journey.  I will get to the end of my path and I will settle at some point - until then I am a nomad, a denim wearing nomad who hates shoulder pads! x

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